1909 - East side of the ground taken from behind the Park Lane (south) goal.
Note the houses lining Worcester Avenueand strip of advertising boards at the rear of the simple terracing

East side of ground - 1921
Note the semi-circle fencing which (later concreted) would survive for another seventy years

Workmen maintain the iconic cockerel on the roof of the West Stand while the East stand is under construction behind them.
(the cockerel would transfer across to the East Stand in the 1950's when a floodlight gantry was positioned over the West Stand gable)

Leitch's masterpiece, the East Stand, under construction - July 1934

East Stand under construction - 1934

German supporters queue on Worcester Avenue to enter the East Stand - December 1935

England v Germany  - December 1935
Note the 'Shelf' balcony wall is dark green (a typical Leitch finish) at this stage ...within a few seasons it is painted, and would remain, white.

East Stand - 1938

Arsenal at 'home' at White Hart Lane 1940 due to Highbury being used during the War as a depot for Air raid precaution (ARP) supplies.
Note the empty upper tier of the East Stand. The interior of the upper tier was used as a mortuary during the war for those killed during air raids. Those called to identify bodies queueing along Worcester Avenue in a macabre copy of matchday spectators.

East Stand c. mid 1960's

East Stand 1970
Note the Television gantry added to the front of the upper balcony wall

East Stand - May 1971

East Stand 1983 - note the fence around the pitch installed in 1979

May 1989 - Roof removed from East Stand as the 'refit' begins

New steelwork for the new east stand roof - summer 1989
*note the short-lived replacement barriers on the north terracing, installed after the 1985 Bradford fire safety frenzy when the original Leitch barriers were removed.
*also note the fences around the pitch have been removed (following the Hillsborough disaster) and that the semi-circular perimeter fencing still survives!

New East Stand roof under construction - summer 1989

New concreting laid to raise the rake of the lower east terrace prior to seating being installed - June 1992

The two huge poles (originally four) supporting the East Stand roof

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